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Dropped at cfud (total comments 1819).
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Just a notice that although I'll be nabbing comments here and there it's mostly placeholdery until wednesday or so due to visits, company, and other wonderful things. Cheers!


Jun. 6th, 2009 09:27 pm
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I should have called this like a week ago, but semi-hiatus until monday the 15th or so due to a combination of going crazy trying to get cosplay done and work exploding. I'm still going to thread a little, and if you want me to play PLEASE grab me (drop a comment here if you don't see me on irc) but I'm super low energy and running around the apartment doing a lot of stuff sooooooo. Yes.
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Comment here with your characters' names and find out what my characters fantasize about you, if they do.

I play Umeda, Riku Replica, Heat, Jinana, Sakubo, Sahashi Minato, and Hakkai.

Reapp info

Mar. 27th, 2009 06:19 pm
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So, since this is both a) a reapp of a character I played some years ago and b) a reapp of a character someone else has since played, some notes:

1) Hakkai will 'faintly' remember the events of camp from his first attendance (my first play of him) as if in a dream or as if it happened to someone else (...because that's basically how I remember it). Please comment here if there is any specific you want me to recall (or specifically not recall); otherwise, I'll just roll with it.

2) If there's anything I should know or you want me to know about your relationship with the other Hakkai ([ profile] akillersmile) then please drop a note here as well.


App post

Mar. 27th, 2009 06:18 pm
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App text )

Voting went here.
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Gojyo, do you have a moment?
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I write too much. :/ )
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Name: Cho Hakkai
Age: 22
Height: Umm. 181 cm?
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

Medical Info: Hahahaha. Hakkai a) has a major injury that healed up some years ago -- gut wound, the scar from which covers most of his belly above his navel. He is missing his right eye, which has been replaced by a glass one. He is also NOT HUMAN; his human form is maintained by three clips he wears on his right ear (limiters). He's actually youkai, and his natural form is a shaggy version of his human one, covered with vine tattoos, and with talons and incisors.

Physical Traits: ...See above! most of his medical issues are visible physically, at least.

What's Okay to Mention: Hakkai keeps a lot of things about himself an open secret -- the mass murder has come out at camp, so I'm totally okay with your character hearing about it somehow and mentioning it, though depending who says it and how, it could either be handled with calm sadness or, you know, bad stuff. XD As for the sister thing, that may have come out in camp here and there, but PLEASE ask me first if you're going to bring it up! It's his major trauma button, after all.

Notes For the Psychics: Hakkai isn't human, he's got a LOT of energy controlling abilities, and he's got a TRAGIC BLOOD-STAINED PAST. He also is the mortal reincarnation of a god.

Abilities: Chi control, from healing to fighting to defense, would probably be the big one. Also, um, when he takes hsi limiters off, he can control the vines that emerge from his body. He's also pretty dangerous in a physical fight, though he's also very good at fighting to subdue.

Shapeshift/bodyswap/etc.: Sure! Just ask!

Hugging/Kissing: I'd prefer you ask me first, or hold off on it, because generally Hakkai has a complex about touching/being touched, and he's not exactly the sort of person who gives off an open, warm feeling. *g*

Fighting: Sure thing! Any time!

Killing: I'd prefer if it were discussed first, since Hakkai's really one of the strongest fighters in his canon (he took on a fully powered Seiten Taisei and held his own when his limiters were off) and working out battle likelihoods would be cool, but he's started to save now, so it works for me.

Cooking: Hakkai is an EXCELLENT cook, and does it often. Feel free to come after him for food!
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I know I'm not cleared at this point, but I think I've identified our remaining wolves.

Current people in the game are:
* Sano-san
* Gojyo
* Rin-san
* Rikuou-san
* Myself
* Yousuke-san.

Current cleared people are:
* Sano-san
* Rikuou-san

I believe Gojyo to be clear because since Roxas was a wolf, it would have been deeply foolish to pile votes onto Gojyo if Gojyo were also a wolf, as it would mean a wolf got out for certain when previously Sano-san, who is a sheep, was up as an option. So, I think Gojyo must be a sheep, meaning that half are cleared.

Obviously, I know I myself am a sheep, so, to me, obviously Rin-san and Yousuke-san are the remaining wolves.

Naturally, of course, I don't expect you all to believe that, but I feel I should point it out since, well~.
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Ah, Roxas-san, Ari-san, hello. Ari-san, we know you're clear, so I was hoping to talk to you. And, mm, Roxas-san, since you're under suspicion now, I was hoping you'd talk to me so we could clear you?
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Ah, Ari-san... I was wondering if you had any suspicions yet? There are so many people and I'm so unsure...
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Well, of course, there's no proof of anything so working with you might be a bit dangerous, but why not? Especially since I think someone's hiding a clue. Do you have any idea who might be?

ETA: Welcome, Axel-san.
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Ask me what Umeda and Hakkai thinks of your character. If they've only met briefly, mind reminding me of when? If you remember. Which you also might not. Um.

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Some Kanan ramblings, copied from [ profile] harukami.

Had some interesting discussions about her before -- about Hakkai's bias regarding her, etc. Ranith also translated Kanan's Saiyuubito questions. And, like I had rambled on about her before and like I said there, I grow to like her and be more interested in her the more I play Hakkai.

So. Two quick thoughts before I sleep.

1 - Kanan's religion. It's generally assumed she's some Christian sect (probably Catholic) because of the cross we see her wear but I have to question that. First, we know she was raised in an orphanage; sure, if it was like Gonou's, it was probably a Christian orphanage. But she and Gonou, what little we see of them (and implied in the tone/wording of the Saiyuubito questions) seem very much alike, and we know Gonou-Hakkai really isn't properly Christian. He has a lot of the fundamental beliefs as kneejerk reactions (sin, sinning, even a certain approach to ritual), probably because he was raised in that system in his developmental years, but I would argue he's not a believer and wasn't even when he was in the orphanage. Was Kanan the same way? We know she's perfectly willing to defy several appropriate Christian behaviours -- sex before marriage, the canon law of consanguinity ("Wouldn't it be nice if we could get married?"), and ...well suicide, but I think it's safe to say she's out of her mind at the time. It's more of a challenge to find times in her rare rare flashback or canon appearances that she's behaving IN a christian manner rather than OUT of one.

The main reason people think she's Christian, I assume, is the likelihood that she was raised christian and that she was wearing a cross in the scene Gonou found her/when she suicided. I want to raise a couple of questions/points regarding the cross because I'm not sure it's as settled as it seems in that scene:
i) She may wear a cross, but she doesn't wear one all the time/regularly; in a previous scene where Gonou and she are walking home together holding hands, she's wearing a necklace, but it's just a medallion on a choker. Is the cross she wears later approached as decoration rather than a religious symbol? CAN it be, given her upbringing? I think it could if she had a certain amount of disassociation from but fondness for her background but of course we don't have canon reference to that either.
2) Several other characters wear crosses who are decidedly NOT christian -- Gojyo, for example, would really surprise me if he turned out to have christian background, but he is often seen wearing crosses.
3) She only has the cross in the scene at Hyakugan Maou's. Several interesting points: She's wearing clothing that covers most of her body, probably for obvious reasons, and also the cross. The clothing is pristine. I would SUSPECT that it's not the clothing she got kidnapped with but clothing that was given her there. Was the cross also given? Given Chin Yisou (and, by reputation, the clan)'s reputation/fondness for 'toying' with the women they kidnap and rape, is it a way of psychologically attacking her by reminding her of her religious upbringing?

No answers, of course, but. Things I'm wondering.

Also, more rambly point, but. It's a weird visual characterization detail that I love, but in Hakkai's dream/memory of a lovemaking scene between them, Kanan is wearing, well, a negligee and holding Hakkai's hand to her cheek. The fact that she wears lingerie to bed for her lover... I love that detail, because it's one that runs a bit counter to a lot of the fanon interpretations I've seen of her. I've seen... well, not much Kanan at all, but some of the Kanan stuff I've seen tends to portray her as the naysayer ... the "No, Gonou, we shouldn't (have kids/do this/whatever)" person, or a bit of a ... I don't want to say prude, but an archetypal 'good girl'. The fact that we see her wear a sexy outfit to bed and snuggle up with the strap sliding off one shoulder is just... it sounds weird to say, but I really love it. It moves her into the realm of the normal (for a Cho XD) ... I mean, she's a teenage girl (nineteen!) with a boyfriend and she's dressing up (or rather, down) sexily and has dreams of marrying sometime maybe, and. I like that we see hints like that; even if we never get an unbiased view of Kanan and the only time she has a 'voice' not through someone else's perspective is in, say, Saiyuubito's interview questions (which are wonderful but presumably only quasi-canon!) ... even if that, we see things, choices like that, and it makes me grin and like her more. Which is probably strange, but. Also, cute girl in lingerie. Being cute and fluffy and in love. How could I resist?
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And this, my friends, is why I write Hakkai as always looking forward to a drink or twelve. Or twenty-seven. Or seventy-eight.

ETA: From what Hakkai's saying there, btw, and the few tilted over, those are probably all (or mostly) empties. Either way, he's drunk 'em all or is intending to. :Db
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harukami: y halo!
darknightrain: hi thar!
harukami: How is u?
darknightrain: ...I have peanuts and a piƱa colada, I think good.
darknightrain: You?
harukami: ....oh my. I have a horrible game of mahjong, tea, and steamed dumplings.
darknightrain: ... we r so gojyo n hakkai.
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1. Hakkai takes milk in his coffee because he has a sensitive stomach.

2. Hakkai is known to sleep with his eyes open and laugh evilly in the back of his throat.

3. Hakkai was raised by nuns.

4. Hakkai is apparently incapable of getting drunk. He also very much enjoys alcohol.

5. Hakkai always wins at cards. Does he cheat? Nobody knows. He claims he's just lucky in things like that.

6. In youkai form, Hakkai scares even Goku. Actually, sometimes in his normal form, too, but that was mostly anger directed at Gojyo.

7. Hakkai's excuse for moving in with Gojyo was that Gojyo didn't know the day the trash was collected, and Hakkai was "worried about him."

8. Hakkai tends to talk a) extremely formally and politely, and b) a little like a nagging wife or mother.

9. Hakkai does, in fact, have a sense of humour, but it is as lame as a horse that should be taken out back and shot. He likes puns, particularly bad puns with several layers of bad punniness to them, especially regarding wordplay. He likes quoting cliche things to annoy his friends. Generally, if it's lame, he thinks it's funny to do it. This cheeses Gojyo off to no end, because Gojyo, see, is cool.

10. Hakkai makes up his energy abilities as he goes along. Tokyopop includes translation notes the first time he does an energy blast that notes that Hakkai quotes Street Fighter ("hadouken!") and so, apparently, has played that video game and liked it. He's probably beaten Gojyo at it. Ten to one. You know it. The first time he makes a defensive wall, it's also on impulse. Goku thinks he's insane, but maybe a little cool, for this.

11. When Hakkai is happy, he laughs. When he is mad, he also laughs, but there is a subtle difference in the type of laughter. ...Usually the angry laughter goes on longer.

12. Hakkai cleans up tea dribbles on the table while people are still drinking.

13. Hakkai is able to extend his creepy youkai vine markings from his body to interact with the environment around him.

14. Hakkai actually turned into a youkai after only killing 999 youkai; the legend was actually that someone had to "bathe in the blood" of 1000 youkai, and Chin Yisou wanted to test this by crippling Hakkai, then dripping blood on him. It worked, and Chin Yisou was the first youkai Hakkai killed once he had become a youkai.

15. Hakkai knows how to pick locks. He learned it from mail order catalogues, which apparently came to him in the Jeep while he was travelling haphazardly to India. No, I don't know. I'm with Gojyo on this one: "I'm not asking."
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Yumichika-san, I think Il Palazzo-san was our wolf, and if that's true we're both cleared by the other clue. I think, at any rate. It's just about all I have to go on at this point, so I hope you'll work with me.

Making a new post, because, since I was uncertain of you, I didn't tell you, but Gojyo and Sorata-san were in on the other one. Do understand.


Sorata-san or Tomo-san?

I'm thinking Sorata-san and Ash-san was not a wolf.

ETA: Or ... not, perhaps. Ahhh, oh dear. Well, I'll wait for your reply before continuing!
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